by Sleepless Monk



"It's the fear of the unknown, the fear of our own mortality. We are all scared of death, phantoms of the past that we can't change, chained to the future that scares us, scared of this moment as it passes away. It is gone….this chunk of time. I don't know what it was:- between the infinite and infinitesimal, lies a vast gap of numbers, numbers that we made up. Yet there is a commonality, commonality of fear, fear of the endless and the unknown. As we break records, we find more numbers, numbers in space, numbers in pulses of time. Yet this chunk of time is gone, what was it? A picosecond, an attosecond? Yet there was creativity in it, Pandora's box. This tiny fragment may hold clue to my consciousness. It is gone but there will be another one, as another thought pattern bursts forth."

This work is audiovisual, check out the shamanic visuals

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released December 10, 2016

Production, words and artwork : Sleepless Monk
Mastering : The Elder Studio




Sleepless Monk Marseille, France

audiovisual live performer, producer, fractal artist, vj.

dark minimal, techno, idm,. psytrance, hitech, breakcore, ambient, glitch

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